Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I just LOVE hugs and kisses- XoXo and I love those pretty colored marbles...put the two together and you have a pretty cool project for Valentines Day.

I started off with one of these shadow boxes from Michaels (on sale for $2!!).

Pretty pink, red and white marbles... 

Now, get creative! I did originally write out LOVE but the red marbles didn't show up well against the black background :( ...but the XOXO came out SO cute. I added some sparkly paint for hearts and voila!

I think this looks too cute in my hutch!  I'll have to add some more valentines crafts to it though ;)


jcrafts said...

This looks great! I have some x's and o's that I need to get to work on as well! Thanks for linking up @ trendy pockets! Jamie @

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