Monday, August 16, 2010

A tip for mommies :)

Okay, all you mommies out there...I have a tip for you.  

So my 3 year old is really good about eating his fruits and veggies but I still like to sneak them in where I can.  So today, when he asked me to make him some pancakes, I decided to add some of the purees I have frozen for my daughter's baby food.  I experimented with the mango puree ...I know, you're thinking- GROSS...but I'm telling you they came out GREAT!  For this I used the Bisquick recipe and just added about 4 TBS. of the mango puree. The mango was very subtle and at least I know I got one more good thing into my little guy today! If mangoes worked I'm pretty sure your options are go crazy!

Have fun!


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