Monday, August 23, 2010

Creatively Cutting Corners with Coasters!

My cousin over at Mine for the Making made these coasters with her great find at the dollar store and I thought I’d try and use Mod Podge for the first time as I have been inspired by her! So here goes. 
I used her tutorial which you can find here.  I couldn’t find dollar store coasters, although I have seen those dreadful lobster ones before.  However, I ended up with a fantastic find!  I went on ebay and found round coasters 12 for $1! Here’s the link to that vendor.IMG_1506
Anyway, I started with the coaster  and followed Mine for the Making’s tutorial…but failed miserably.  I couldn’t quite get the cut-out to match up with the size of the coaster and even after trying a razor, a scissor and a rotary cutter…still, it looked pretty crappy.  Luckily! I just bought a silhouette and had a bright idea- I measured the coasters (3.75in) and printed out all of the IMG_1503circles on the designed paper from there.  I got a perfect cut! No trimming necessary! I actually used my tip from last Tuesday and used wallpaper for my coasters.

They turned out really cute! Here’s the finished product:IMG_1502 IMG_1501I guess I’m not as crafty (an definitely don’t have as much patience) as Mine for the Making but this worked for me!
Happy Crafting!!


Inspired by you said...

Very cute! They turned out nice.

Melissa Stewart said...
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Melissa Stewart said...

Love this!!

This deserves versatile blogger award!!

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